This is ideal for any pet, whether small to large. This is perfect for car rides, short events that invoke stress or anxiety (vet appointment, groomers, thunderstorms, fire works, etc). 


By emulsifying the raw plant extract, mixed in distilled water for faster absorption producing a calming or relaxing effect quicker than traditional oil-based extracts.


  • Made with all non-gmo, organic ingredients.
  • Water Soluble for faster absorption rate with Rapid Delivery Emulsion Technology.
  • Whole Plant Hemp Extract with a full-spectrum of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes to support calming and relaxation.
  • Easy-to-use pump device for effortless application.
  • Made here in United States


Active Ingredients:
Rapid Delivery Emulsion Technology Whole Plant Hemp Extract (CBD, cannabinoids & terpenes)

250 mg CBD Quick Calm

SKU: QuickCalm
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