Earthbuddy Pet 500mg CBD Tincture Oil - Medium Pets


This tincture is ideal for small dogs to large dogs, ponies, goats/sheep. Small dogs that are between 12 pounds to 50 pounds, this product is ideal for them. 


If a dog is 40 pounds or larger; or, based on their medical behavioral needs, may need more mgs than 500 mg. 

500 mg CBD Tincture Medium Pets

  • 500mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil Tincture – 1oz / 30ml

    This mg strength is most commonly used by medium pets, adults, small ponies. 

    No two pets are alike, and dosages vary depending upon the pet using it. An effective dosage can range from as little as a few milligrams or drops of cannabis oil to nearly a full dropper. Because cannabinoid oil is lipid soluble and every pet's body metabolizes the cannabinoids at a different rate, there is no short answer to this question.

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