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Preventive CBD Pet Products  

As they say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", which is perhaps one of the best quotes to reference when it comes to in providing care for our pets. 

For pets, nutrition plays a major role in helping keep their bodies balanced, warding off infection, injuries, disease, and illnesses. There is one supplement that contains properties, assisting in keeping your pet's body in balance.  Hemp (CBD).


Hemp not only comes from the cannabis plant, but it is also a balanced oil that nature has given to us. Hemp seed oil, not only contains omega 3 and omega 6, the plant naturally balances out the ratio of both to perfection! 

This is why we offer products that have a low dose of mgs that are safe, non-toxic, plant-based supplements that can be given daily as a preventive supplement.

EarthBuddy Hemp Products


We carry tinctures and mushroom hemp blend extract, the mushroom extracts are loaded with medicinal and therapeutic properties. EarthBuddy uses MCT coconut oil as their carrier, giving the CBD oil a boost of antibacterial fighting properties.
















Two options for ordering EarthBuddy products

  1. Order directly from their site and receive 10% off with code: FARLEY. At checkout, use FARLEY as the promo code and will receive 10% off

  2. Order directly from us, we will give you 20% off. The prices below are the retail prices BEFORE the discount is applied

For preventive care:

  • 250 mg $39.99 

  • Mushroom Blend Extracts

    • Small (1 to 20 lbs)​ $39.99

    • Medium (21 to 50 lbs) $64.99

    • Large (51 to 79 lbs) $74.99 

HempMy Pet Products


HempMy Pet is another equally great product for pets, they even carry tinctures for horses.

They have taken an interesting approach when it comes to carrier oils, they offer coconut, hemp, and olive oils as the carrier for their products. 

For the preventive tincture, we carry the 250 mg with hemp seed oil as the carrier. Just like coconut, hemp oil has therapeutic and medicinal properties, one that is absolutely amazing, loaded with omegas. Get this, the hemp seed oil is one of the few oils that will naturally balance the omega levels. 


Order directly from us, we will give you 20% off. The prices below are the retail prices BEFORE the discount is applied


For preventive care:

  • 250 mg $79.00

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