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CBD For Pets: Therapeutic Benefits For Dogs, Cats, Horses

CBD for pets

One a common question we often hear, "Why should I give my pet cannabis, CBD, oil?" The benefits of a pet receiving cannabis oil are evolving and growing as more and more research and case studies become available. CBD oil for a pet may assist with fighting cancer, pain management, seizures, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and stress, and the list goes on.

Very recently, March 2019, the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA)  is beginning to show support in this area, cannabis treatment for pets. The AVMA approved a resolution at its conference during Feb 2019, to begin exploring how to advocate that cannabis be rescheduled federally, moving it from Schedule I to Schedule II. The move would increase opportunities to research cannabis for therapeutic use among both animals and humans. (Via

With the Hemp bill passing, this has opened plant based alternatives for pet parents to consider when providing health care for their pet(s). Hemp oil (CBD oil) is beginning to show encouraging results that even veterinarians are taking notice to.

Positive Pet Cannabis Case Studies Are Growing

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Dog parents have been early adopters for giving cannabis to their pet. Dog parents that were given devastating news that their dog has cancer; or, watching their beloved dog suffer from anxiety or seizure, wanted and needed answers in how to help their dog. 

Within the past few years, pet parents have become much more informed about alternative medical options for their pets. More and more are turning to non-toxic, plant-based solutions that have very little to zero side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs often cause serious and sometimes fatal side effects. As the popularity of CBD grew for humans, so did the positive stories; pet parents took notice and began giving CBD oil to their pets. It did not take long for successful pet cannabis to come into the limelight.

How Does Cannabis Work Exactly for Pets

Pets have much more in common with humans than one may think. Sure, we know that pets love to do fun things, they eat, sleep, breathe like us. What one may not know, they have internal systems much like us, pet parents. One system that was recently discovered is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), involving all mammals. The ECS consists of endocannabinoids, which basically are molecules that assist a body in balance, repair, and homeostasis. In fact, it is being recognized as one of the most important systems in the body, establishing and maintaining health. 

The ECS promotes homeostasis affecting everything from sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation, memory, mood, and so much more. Bottom line, this system helps provide a balance across all major systems, making sure all systems are working and functioning properly and with each other. Think of this way, take your favorite band, imagine if they did not work together? Yikes! What a mess! Now, take that same band you are thinking of, performing their number one song. More or less, it is a symphony of notes. This is the pet's body when there is a balance, a symphony of cells working and functioning properly. There is no anxiety, no stress, no pain, no cancer, no inflammation. There is a healthy, balanced pet. 

When there is an imbalance, knowing mammals already have molecular endocannabinoids when natural cannabinoids from the hemp plant are introduced, they signal the ECS to begin the repairing and help bring the body back to balance and homeostasis. The cannabinoids from hemp and other plants act as a bridge, or brace, to our central healing system.



Cannabis or CBD may help pets overcome anxiety
Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Now that you have a basic understanding of a pet's ECS and the role within the body, it is much easier to understand the benefits of cannabis oil for pets. When plant cannabinoids are introduced to a pet, and now we know that a pet naturally has endocannabinoids, area of a pet that needs assistance starts being repaired. 

Pets that are experiencing anxiety, inflammation, stress, GI issues, seizures, allergies, cancer, pain, suppressed appetite may benefit from a hemp extract treatment plan. As noted earlier, more and more case studies are coming out showing positive results pets are having from this plant-based treatment. There are also studies showing pets did not show any signs of improvement. Truly comes down to the pet's molecule structure, consistent of product administration, quality of the product, correct dosing, and the pet's parent level of commitment. 

The decision to try cannabis oil for a pet should not be a rushed decision. This truly is a team effort, involving your primary veterinarian and pet cannabis professional. No two pets are alike, not all CBD pet products are of quality; in fact, some do not even undergo testing. Do your homework, do your research as you only want the best for your pet.

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