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Preventive CBD Pet Products and Supplements 

As they say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", which is perhaps one of the best quotes to reference when it comes to our pets, even our own health. 

For pets, nutrition plays a major role in helping keep their bodies balanced, warding off infection, injuries, disease, and illnesses. There is one supplement that contains properties assisting in keeping your pet's body in balance, fighting infection, and more. 


CBD helps restore your pet's body, yours too, back into homeostasis, balance. 

High Quality, 3rd Party Lab Tested CBD and Hemp Blend Products For Dogs and Cats

All Product Purchases Come With A Free Consultation By A Certified Veterinary Cannabis Guide

    Why Purchase Pet CBD Products From Us

    With so many pet CBD products out there, it is often confusing for a pet parent to ensure not only are they selecting a product that has integrity, dosing is often confusing too. 


    We eliminate the guesswork for you, we research all products and work with you and your primary veterinarian in CBD product selection and dosing. We work with you in learning more about your pet's medical history, current medications, research your pet's lab work, and more.


    Not all CBD products are ideal for pets, this is why it is very important to work with a professional cannabis consultant. We hold a certificate within veterinarian cannabis, thus, we understand the interaction between certain drugs, medical conditions, and CBD. We do encourage that your primary veterinarian is updated with the personalized CBD treatment plan we create for your pet.


    When purchasing any product from us, we waive our consultation fee. 


    Yes, if you would like a supplement too, you may! Our products may be used for pets or pet parents alike.

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