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The Pet's Journey Begins With Knowledge

It is no secret, education is life changing, it has the power to change one's life; as they say, knowledge is a powerful too. This is our foundation for Farley's Green Paw Consulting, educating pet parents, pet professionals, veterinarians, animal welfare and rescue groups about the medicinal properties cannabis offers our pets (animals). 

Any decision, whether it is purchasing a car or even trying a new restaurant, often it begins with research. Research plays a vital role when determining the best course of action for your pet. This includes nutrition, exercise, and medical care; what the best options for your pet to enhance their well-being, quality of life, comfort, and so much more.




With the pet cannabis industry exploding, often it can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating to know which pet cannabis product is of quality, what type of CBD pet product to use (tincture vs treats), how much to CBD oil to give to a pet, and more. Plus, what are the benefits of CBD for pets? How is anyone to keep up?

To add more confusion or complexity, currently, in a majority of the states, veterinarians by law are unable to prescribe or recommend cannabis for pets. Now what? Where do you turn for assistance? Whom do you turn to for pet CBD oil help?

We provide the research, knowledge, product recommendations, dosing, and more for a pet and their CBD treatment plan. We are able to work with you and veterinary teams to ensure your pet is on the correct CBD plan, accounting for a pet's medical history, current medications and more.

No matter if a pet parent, with a veterinary's office, pet sitter, pet groomer the success of a pet's cannabis treatment is vital to their health, it all begins with awareness and knowledge. 

Not sure where to begin? Simply begin here, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to help your pet begin their cannabis journey. 

Pet CBD oil education is vital in the success of pet's cannabis journey and health benefits.
Veterinary pet cannabis (CBD - hemp extract) education is vital for a pet's health.
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