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Why Pet Cannabis & CBD Services Are Needed

Have you noticed how many hemp oil extracts for pets are in the market today? An insane amount! How is a pet parent or a veterinarian able to select a cannabis oil for a pet with confidence? At this very time, the short answer is, they are unable to do so.

There are high-quality CBD products for pets available, unfortunately, there are equal numbers of products with false labeling and claims. Pet parents and veterinarians want the same, quality of life for a pet and quality, safe products for a pet. Purchasing a product that does not contain what the label states puts the health of the pet at risk.

University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy recently conducted a study, they purchased over two dozen CBD products and tested them in their lab. The goal, does the product label match what is inside the bottle? Meaning, if the product label states 100% CBD oil, is it? The results, they found for every single product misrepresentation. Some products they tested has "0" CBD, yet, the company claimed on the bottle it was 100%. There were instances when the levels were much higher than stated. Basically, labeling fraud was present for each and every product.


Request CBD Oil Samples For Your Pet

Investing in CBD oil is just that, an investment. We understand that sometimes investing in a product that may or may not benefit your pet can be costly. That is why we offer samples to purchase, it is an inexpensive approach to see how your pet will respond to CBD oil.

To request a sample package of CBD oil for your pet, visit here. Upon receiving, we will be in contact within 24 hours. 

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