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Showcasing Case Studies - CBD and Pets

You are exploring CBD therapy for your pet and may want to know; are there case studies that are similar to my pet's needs? 

We have worked with these pet parents to help improve quality of life for their pets. Each pet is unique as well as no two CBD products  are the same. Working closely with the pet parent and their primary veterinarian, we were able to achieve the desired results.

We also would like to share, there are incidents where CBD did not provide substantial results, or not the results that the pet parent had hoped for.  There are various reasons why this may have occurred, while we strive to have 100% success rate, sometimes we come across a pet that CBD had little impact. It is just like any other medication, sometime a medicine will work for a pet, and sometimes it did not. 

We are accepting pets for our case studies. If interested in participating, please contact us for consideration. 

Review our cases below

** Dogs  ** Hedgehogs ** Rabbits - Bunnies


Case studies CBD for pets

Sammy's case was an interesting case, he came into his forever family young and had already been two homes, all at the young age of 8 months. 

When Sammy's pet parents approached us, we were very hesitant to take on his case due to his young age. After a very thorough medical discovery call, a trip to his primary veterinarian for blood work, all agreed that a moderate CBD treatment plan would be worth exploring.

Sammy was presenting severe anxiety as well as episodes of manic behavior. The pet parents wanted for him to be a "youngster" without anxiety and chewing on his legs.

His CBD treatment plan was created with a conservative approach due to his young age. After one week of initial dosing, Sammy began to exhibit relaxation, less interest in his front legs and more interest in chasing rabbits. Also, he became less clingy and was learning how to "just on the sofa", waiting patiently for his pet parents to return into the room.

They also worked with a trainer to develop social skills and basic command work. Together with patience, training, CBD treatment and love, Sammy is now a balance and happy young dog.


Case studies CBD for pets and does it work

Bindi is a senior pet and like most senior pets, started to present age related illness and symptoms. Her pet parents were concern for her quality of life, they did not want her to endure any discomfort, anxiety and confusion (age related). They expressed they were not ready to say

"good-bye", yet, with Bindi's disposition going from happy to uncomfortable, they were being to brace themselves.

They contacted us to see if Bindi was a candidate for CBD therapy and would it help her. We explained that there were no guarantees, it was worth exploring and this would have "0" side effects to her health.


Bindi's primary veterinarian was updated with this approach, with frequent updates on Bindi's progress. Her CBD treatment included tincture oils for pain management, and mushroom blend that contains hemp extract. 

After one month, her pet parents shared that Bindi is more alert, more active and clearly in no more discomfort within her lower back and hip region. 




Pumpkin is an adorable pocket pet, specifically, a hedgehog. Hedgehog love to explore and play, only Pumpkin was not playing on her wheel or being curious. #pocketpet #hedgehog

Her Mom took her to their primary veterinarian, discovered that Pumpkin was experiencing physical discomfort, which explained why the decrease in Pumpkin's overall activity level.

NSAID was prescribed, while the results from the prescription helped a little, Pumpkin was still not herself.

Additionally, there was concern about her liver and if NSAID would be needed for life.

Her Mom and I connected reviewed Pumpkin's current treatment, the goal, from there created an ultra-conservative CBD treatment plan for Pumpkin. We slowly weaned off the NSAID, beginning very slowly to introduce CBD. 

After one week of Pumpkin's CBD treatment, here is what her Mom had to say: "I can tell she is using the wheel more than she had been. It has been messy and I have had to clean it. Lol" 

Pumpkin continues to play on her wheel, being curious and creating a mess, all of which her Mom is every so happy about.

Rabbits - Bunnies



Bernie The Bunny, was presented to us with an unique situation. Bernie was diagnosed with stasis, which if not treated can be fatal for a rabbit. His pet parent came to us seeking advice, she was preparing to move into a new home, which is stressful. #bunny #stasis #rabbit

If a bunny with stasis does not eat, what is left within the GI tract will become compact, making it difficult for the rabbit to pass. By eating, the rabbit is keeping the GI system active, enabling food to pass along and out.

We began Bernie on a CBD treatment plan, low dosing and frequency, slowly building up the desired dose and frequency. The day of the move came, Bernie was eating and was very relaxed. After several hours in his new home, he came out of his kennel, began eating on hay. A day later, Bernie was eating pellets plus his hay and hopping all over his new floor. 

From Bernie's parent "He was exploring right away and eating snacks within a really short time after the move." 

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