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Glutathione - Powerful Antioxidant For Your Pet

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Glutathione For Dogs, Cats, And Horses

Did you know that glutathione is a powerful antioxidant? This is a protein compound that is comprised of three amino acids, that are highly important for healthy body functioning.

This antioxidant is present in every cell of your pet's body,

Without it, cells will die, in short, cells will begin a destructive process that ultimately will lead to cellular death.

Glutathione is your dog's and cat's super hero for immune boosting properties.

When the body has glutathione deficiency has been linked to cancer, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and more. This is important to know in order to best take care of your pet's long-term health

In dogs, this protein compound is vital to ensure cell health, liver function, neurological support. You can help boost your dog's levels of this antioxidant by adding foods or supplements to their diet that contain it.

The hepatic support provided by this antioxidant is also important for cats. A cat is unable to eat many foods that contain this antioxidant, supplements with glutathione will assist. Promoting exercise will also increase the amount of glutathione in your pet's system naturally.

While studies have shown glutathione as a helpful supplement for both dogs and cats, it is also sold in immune-boosting formulas for horses. While the underlying science suggests that it may indeed have beneficial effects for horses, there is no scientific proof that this is true.

Your Pet's Other Antioxidants Benefit Too From Glutathione

We know that Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants that play an important role in your pet's immunity. The challenge is, these and a few other antioxidants, have an extremely short life and do not provide adequate support in a pet that is of senior age or has medical special needs.

In comes glutathione to save the day! Think of it as a superhero, it will bring these antioxidants that have a short life span back to life. In fact, glutathione has the capabilities to reboot itself. Umm, hello!

Senior dog with Valley Fever is taking glutathione to boost his immune system.

Veterinarians will often give this antioxidant the nickname, "master antioxidant".

As your pet ages, their immune system begins to break down, with each passing year becoming more suppressed than it was when it was younger.

For us pet parents that have pets with immune-suppressing diseases, cancer, Valley Fever, liver disease, etc., glutathione helps boost their immune system to give them the front-line defense they need to fight these diseases.

Prevention Is Key For Your Pet's Health and Longevity

If your pet is of senior age, for dogs it is seven (7) years and older, for cats, it is usually around nine (9) years and older, while horses are classified as a senior around fifteen (15) years of age, prevention is key for their health.

Regardless of your pet is a senior, one with medical special needs, or just wants to add an antioxidant to your pet's diet, this protein compound will help provide prevention, support to cells, and could even place restore other antioxidants that have a short life span.

As always, ask your primary veterinarian before adding any supplement to their diet.

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