Turkey Tail Mushrooms For Dogs and Cats Diagnosed With Cancer

Updated: Jun 23

What are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

There are flat and strange-looking yet beneficial mushrooms growing in abundance all over the world. These essentially plain mushrooms are called turkey tails.

Turkey Tail mushrooms have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, and cardio protective properties.

Although these mushrooms may appear quite ordinary, they have caught the attention of nutritionists and scientists across the globe due to their potential to save lives as well as their anti-cancer properties. The Chinese have relied on these mushrooms for their medicinal properties for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, these mushrooms are still fairly unfamiliar in the Western world. The belief is this will be changing soon since turkey tails have recently received approval from the FDA as supplements due to trials involving people with cancer.

Scientists have learned turkey tails are a powerful weapon for immune therapy and may be beneficial for patients with breast cancer. Medical mushrooms might provide cancer patients of every type with better and longer lives.

What many people are unaware of is that medical mushrooms for dogs and cats offer numerous benefits. These mushrooms are used as an immunity booster to help a pet's body recognize and directly fight cancer tumors.

A study was conducted on turkey tails by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The participants were dog breeds suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. Due to the aggressiveness of this specific cancer, the aver