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CBDa and CBD - Fights Joint Disease In Pets

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) and cannabidiol (CBD) are bioactive compounds of the hemp plant with major therapeutic potential. Cannabidiolic acid is a precursor to cannabidiol which results from decarboxylating Cannabidiolic acid.

CBDa:CBD assists dogs and cats with improved joint health. As our pets age, so do their joints, thus resulting in stiffness due to daily exercise and activity. CBDa has shown to be more bioavailable than its activated form of CBD and can help relieve occasional joint stiffness.

Unlike CBD, CBDa is better retained and absorbed, especially when used together with a lecithin base. In this post, we’ll dig deep into the benefits of CBDA and CBD in fighting joint diseases in pets.

CBDa tincture oil helps with joint discomfort for pets and humans

Benefits Of CBDa

Cannabidiolic acid is very effective at maintaining joint health and pain management. In fact, using CBDa products on affected joints helps deal with joint pain and swelling by triggering an anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

CBDa has the ability to repress inflammation at various stages by selectively blocking the enzymes that promote inflammation and suppressing the chemical messengers that activates the inflammatory genes. There’s nothing heartbreaking like watching your pet in pain and unable to walk.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease facing pets, especially dogs and cats. Difficulty in getting up, reluctance to run, and limping are some of the signs of osteoarthritis in animals. Therefore, using Cannabidiolic acid would help relieve your pet from persistent pain and swelling and minimize the side effects of your pet’s arthritis.

Dogs running on beach

Furthermore, research shows that Cannabidiolic acid is safe to use for cats and dogs, assisting in improving their quality of life. Looking at the pharmacokinetics of this drug, it has a wide margin of dosing meaning it’s safer to use.

From being the best way to manage pain to increasing and supporting the importance of cannabinoids, using CBDA and CDB together is beneficial, thanks to their therapeutic similarities. Therefore, for the health and happiness of your pet, use these drugs to fight joint diseases.

Is your pet experiencing joint discomfort? Did you know that CBDa can help with your joint discomfort too?

Schedule a free thirty (30) minute consultation to learn more about how CBDa may help you or your pet's joint health.

Free CBD and cannabis consultation for pets and pet parents

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